Theories for invention

Ocean plants them selves produces the best results, a cell culture tube for oxygenation and energy production - A recess in a wall covered with solar panelling and a tube of light and plant cells for scrubbing and oxygenation. Cells of ocean plants produces a good weightless environment. A thin layer of the environment for cell cultures of ocean plant cells held in a flexible sheet holds the cells in place, a light in the centre of the tube and a sheet of cells held in a recess in the tubing. The solar panelling placed in the recess holds the hole thing in place.

Fibre Optic processing & Oxygen production and scrubbing for HI resolution computing and light wave storage for data. Plates of crystal molecular alignment under a structure of change. Artificial environment of a program for light technology to produce a Three dimensional molecular structure elements of a representation of a full Thee Dimentional aria. A program of use for experimentation under real conditions for observation of an environment - as close as to reality as we can get it. A structure of a molecular example and the opportunity of a bonding and an unbinding to a state of change and a holding in place the loss of an element for an opportunity for later use.

Cell cultures of food produce grown under light conditions in side light technology confinement for a compact design of a new production of space saving technologies. This brings a new age of thinking and allows the use of small spaces to produce a good range of ecosystems for life support

Scanners of 3 dimensions for resource detection using energy signatures that come from all objects. The use of light wave spectrum for deep ground penetrating scanners looking for signichers of certain resource needs. Linked to geological mapping of the environment.

Refining New technologies linked to mining operations for ground testing and stake claiming as units for companies to develop full operations for resources on planets and asteroidle bodies

Gravity Generating To create a volume of gravity by calling in dense particles of varied density to create a balanced aria of controllable gravity that would be included in to a spaceship and the overall wight would create a gravity in the space of the craft

Wormhole Creation for transport

Lines of laser and magnetic travel

Power cores - stages of invention ( Solar Power Generators ) ( Rotation Engine under Magnetic Float with internal central power core) Renewable energy production

( Liquid Electricity )

Electricity the environment of dense energy in a 0-G environment would be like a liquid, so if a weak force of an lightning energy could be created in space and held in a containment should produce Liquid Electricity and its change of state would hold it in place and stabilise the energy production. To produce a safe ball of lighting would be to create an energy surge and the release of it into the containment, this should produces an instant ball of liquid energy

eg Russian plasma experiment were the plasma performed like a liquid

Shielding and Repairing

This Technology is developed under strict permissions from the inventor and the planning of the growth agreed by the developer and the inventor Michael Ian Hammond. This is to stop the misuse of the technology globally. 

Copyright © Michael Ian Hammond - Inventor of Light Technology - Oxygenation of Internal Terra-Forming Technology in Computing and Renewable Energy Power Core - Light Tubes for power and Oxygenation. Leading to commercial Spacecraft..

This dos not stop the development of other craft for space travel or the development of other technology.under permissions of developers

The Family of Hammond are not able to develop the technology to safeguard the integrity of the inventor due to Bank Accounts tampering.

The Family Turners tampering and meddling and trying personal character assassination attempts on family members and working with Margaret Merry Elizabeth II Austrian Queen- no investment rights or development due to trying to steal for the crown under manslaughter planning. Any attempt from the ones listed will be deemed as theft globaly and will not be able to develop the technology.

No Austrin or Ostrich or any one liked to Austria will never get any permissions to develop the technology due to their sciences.


Helping to Break up the British Isles including Ireland USA and the Senate linked to the white house do not have any permissions to develop any of the inventions for there space industry from Michael Ian Hammond inventor, due to senate agreeing to allow manslauter on his life and explaining it will be global ownership on his death by working with British government and Margaret Mery Elizabeth II.