Fiber optic Processing

                     --- Light Technology Computing

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                           Communications Array for Sol

                           3Dimensional development of Star Systems and new Navigation

                           Internal Development of Interiors of all Vehicles

                           New Air Craft Leading to Space Flight

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                           RAF Air-force Developments under Military Contracts                                                                                               under a new Elite Development of new Industry Training.

                           Power cores for Plains and new craft


                     --- Independent Global Ecology Network

                     --- Humanitarian Network

                     --- Light Speed Global Networks

                     --- Server side surveillance and Detection for Defence

                     --- Gaming Networks for smooth running

Plant Cell Cultures for Oxygenation and Scrubbing of Atmospheres in Light Tech.

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                           Food Production

                           Oxygen and gas Production

                           High Resolution imagery for start mapping

                     --- Bases of underground off world development in sealed

                           containment of environments for living quarters

                                                         --- Off shute

                                                               All Enviroments that require Oxygen

                                                               and scrubbing of atmofire

                      --- Ocean Research

                            Under Water Development Reserch

                                                         --- Off shute Future Development

                                                               Cleaning the Oceans of Plastics

                                                               Under water Ecology of wild life

                                                               Seismic monitoring for the expansion of the sun detection

                                                               Ocean Dipleation Linked to Atmospheric Changes

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                                                               British Military Naval Developments

                                                               Commercial Shipping and Solar Power Cores for Engines

Forging Kiln Technology in Fusion Moulding Techniques

                       --- Clayes of types for acid and fire resistant and other types of development for Shell Technology, for all new craft. This new developing technology will cover all areas of atmospheres and depths for space and ocean research.


List of space Industry technology to be developed for the future of Man's Development

Light Technology and Fiberoptic Computing ( LTFC ) Fiber Optic processing for fiber optic motherboards Light Plates and colour patterns for a new programing language & Light storage capacity M I Hammond Light Technology plan.

Biosynergy of a sealed containment Unit ( BSCU Hab ) For an Oxygenation of a unit using plant cels and light tech to produse oxygen and scrubing of the units atmosfire.

Industry in the Sol for future Resource Development New Science research for Ecological Mining Private enterprise for further research development. Power on a renewable basis.

Self powering Batteries is the Power Core Technology MIH Plan. linked to plasma power production of a new drive to provide power to a BECU Hab.

Cell Technology Bio Core Oxygenation Unit. (C.T.B.C.O)

The Power Core is a generation of energy production on a large and supper small scale.


Fiber Optic processing using a group of fiber optic cables grouped as a squire and a light sensor camera mix as the receiver giving the processing capabilities of the data by allowing the pass of some data and the timeing of other data in delay to allow it to process coding. The new motherboards are fiber optic would pass data very quickly through the system, the new chip will clip into a new group of tubing were the fiberoptic chip clips in making a link to the motherbord and the fiberoptic cabaling. light passess through carying all data, audio, vidio, and all the light wave capabiletys of radio and other services strate to the computer. The connections are the same as the audio connection that clip into a fiberconection socket.

Light Language for a new way of processing and obtaining data using lasers, Based on the cuttlefish communication for light language were combinations of light plates made up of billions of random patterns then unified as a language and each paten holds billions of information in its paternation, A laser reads the data and passes it to the new fiber optic computers for processing, Terabytes of data can be stored in many different patterns and the wavelength of color holds certain bits of data that match the length of the wave. The plates are like screens and the lazer falls as a wide band of light across the plate, this is sandwiched between another plate and distance of the lazer from the plate determine if data is read or not. Different pattern of light plates can be flashed over the laser and it be transferred strate to the fiber optic computers processor wich will process terabytes of data almost instantly; A new way of puting together huge chunks of information and then storing it in a radom patern that is read in its paternation becose of the data it holds, this means the data storage is in bilions of singel light patrens and the storing of the paterns keeps data storage to a minimum. A program is created in computer language as normal the completion of the program that generates a light plate random pattern due to the coding completion this then hold the program data in light colors and is then processed. the fucher development to the new light systems would evolve to a structured symbols of type, code representing all structures, molecular patination of materials to help with the combining materials and molecules of materials to help build new technology of invention. this means a new tool for aircraft and land vehicles and mining machinery for a better design process that is based on reality to help test new units out. All relevant data to do with invention would be put into the units computer as program language for honest design work based all on real materials and how they work, with a note that evolution and combinations of different but the same materials would produce a slightly different result.. each new program would be tailored to the industry of use and would build new ways of communicating and a mixing of all programs to build a library of information that would interact with one another.

Light storage of new light language, The storage of the light is held in picsel like tubing where light is compressed into filaments of fiber optic tubing and stored as billions of bits of information at the end of a filament and then called for processing. Crystals that hold data due to their structure and can be liquidised to release the data and then reform as crystal cleared for data storage, Holding a magnetic crystal property for data storage. Crystal screen with a metallic property for data storage, a mix of metal crystals and liquid crystal as a qube or disk for storage, the cube will hold a layer of plates separating it from the layer before but hold the property of storing data in huge blocks of metallic crystal.. Data storage is down to how much data can be stored in a pixel

Biosynergy of a sealed containment unit. The light technology is used to sandwich plant cells between the light plates to allow an oxygenation and a scrubbing capability of the atmosphere. thay can be incorporated into the light tecnology computer or a separate unit built for oxygenation and crubing. The plant cels can be incorporated into an high res imaging unit for deap space data scans if incorporated into a spacecraft, A central power core is placed in the center of the hab unit and a coridire system built around the core,. A gap and iner smaler corridor as a matinance shaft that would have more soler paneling, that would take the ambiant light from the main power core. To power the coridires with single units of light with soler panels curved to hold the new lighting would be a backup sytem in case of main power failer, all the smaler units that genorate oxygen can be used to help repower the hab..Power can be cycled from one sytem to another and each unit would be able to repower the hole hab if any failer acured.

Power core that self powers and generates electricity, Wafers of solar panels with screens of light held over the solar panels to generate power on a cycling of electricity. This is activated by ambient light from a soler panel on the outside of the sealed power core. this can be covered to stop the unit from powering up for transportation. The controle unit to manage the power output is a circet board that manages the light color and brightness, this controls the heat and management of the core..Smaller units can be made for batteries and to power any electrical device with out charging. I see the power core technology as a unit of multi functional use. It could be used to power a plasma unit by incorporating it into the center of the plasma drive for a backup power to kick start the unit from a cold boot.

The power core design comes with different types of development offering a multiple choice of power generation, some come with a floating electro magnetic ball that rotes at speed but is started off with the power core to start the rotation of magnetic float. One desgine the 1st desgin had moters top and bottom and rotated a banded waite of a latis for balance and speed, the latis is an off watie of a group of latis waits that spin and then equal out the rotation for stability, the spin is like a Gyro Unit. The core and the rotation unit put together bring a two fold electric charge that is taken and then stored in battery units for further use; The miniaturisation of the unit can be used for power in all environments scientific and social use; this would power the space industry and offer a new core of power, all this is cheap affordable power and would be manufactured and be sold globally at a profit; The resources to build such a power core would be minimal and the life of the cores would manage the larger version for powering a city and managing the power out put; The light technology computers as fiber optic calculation would manage the hole power station, and with the advent of new holographic science would bring about a new way to include light and the use of light for the future of man.

An encouragement to enter the space industry of fabrication of habitats and domes using a new plug and clip tecnology stabalised by preshure to seal jonts and habs for use in harsh enviroments and atmospheric conditions. M I H Designe hab of a biosinorgy seled contanment unit. The unit will be fully operational when constructed and holds a simpal construction and conection to all interia computing systems based on fiberoptic and light technology plug in feachers or standard computing connections.

Light Speed and the need to understand.

White light Theory based on a Flower Bed Blume

The Cell of a plant and its ability to photosynthesize light into a food or cell growth promoted the thinking of energy production under spectrum, the frequencies of colour have many reasons to be used by certain plants and the bloom of their spectrum determines the type of energy used for production of cell growth.

So the rejection of a colour and the absorption of all other light has a bearing on the food or energy used.

To increase the power output for panelling using a new way of incorporating frequency and spectrum to build a power output, to use the speed of light, for energy production. Oscillation of Spectrum builds a divers frequency rang to generate power output. Why use White Light as its energy has expended so we use the fuel of light to get to the speed of light. So Development will be small panels of varying colours of constant oscillation to capture the frequency's of the colours and allowing the remainder to pass through for a rebound capture and reflection option for extended light transfer to energy.

Possible Dangers of energy build up of Atoms, atoms get their power from the 3 colours of their frequencies, look for safe combinations to use safe = good radiation. Energy transfer of a change of state.  Perovskite is a mineral used in solar cell technology for sensors.

Wide band Perovskite for radiation redirection through shell technology to a posabel vent out into space as new shedding shielding.  To redirect penetration to a safe level of radiation. Look for colours of safety for shield change of radiation state. Supper Wide Band Perovskite posable usage for high resolution censers for light computing imagery and navigation through radio censoring scanners for image construction and navigation. Electromagnetic shield works in conjunction to help eject radiation through the shell.