Development Market

Computing in fibre-optics

Plant Cell cultures for food production

Power Core technology for renewable energy

New Vapers with new Atomisers in renewable energy power

Mobile Phone power with no charging

Independent power units for business as backup power

Power Generates for power production

Space Industry standers of power management

New Navigational tools for Air - Sea - Land

Star Mapping with Laser Technology

Geological Surveys using Laser targeting and signicher recognition for resource management at distance

Volume of Gravity chambers

Eco systems in light technology under Plant Cell cultures for oxygenation and scrubbing

New multifunctional jet engines for all atmospheres

Water jets for propulsion

Future Developments

New displays in light tech

Interior and new Materials Development

Architectural Building mixed with Eco interiors system and for Society Growth

Carbon Graphene Environmental suits for craft for the loss of systems Personal life support (not a Space Suit) possible leading to new space suits Pilots Suit tailored design. Kevlar ? A flight suit for warmth in a skin of inflatable material with a casing of a harder suite and swell it to fit .Hold under pressurisation but not to hamper uses so a system of air flow needed for joint movements - helmet aria for air flow. Built on the armour of the old for mobility under tailoring folds, so some hardened and some not. the suite will be pressurised with a flight suite liner and it will fit into a space suite.


eg:- Gauntlet for reference only