Fusion Moulding for Shells - Cars - Planes - Trains - Spaceships -Ships - Boats - Vehicles

Kevlar liners in and bonded to special clay shells a new all in one mold. Molecular structure to shogaol for radiation shielding. Metal. Frame for a window of a space station or shuttle or large vassal to make it air tight by heating the frame and glass while sitting in its recess to molecularly bind the glass and metal together making a solid all in one unit with out faults due to the cooling process and pressure for good crystalline structure bonding. Using the full range of the fire spectrum. Molecular structures to allow radiation shielding. Radiation bounce and resistance to hull based on penetration depth. Dense light structures of new materials. Glass on a carbon structure of a graphene for current transport and VDU screens. Self Cleaning Hulls with repair technology under radiation damage. A new Kevlar with properties of carbon for currant transport properties of Kevlar has a unique combination of high strength, high modulus, toughness and thermal stability.

osmium carbon - clay - lead crystal - silicon ? Cote for Electromagnetic skins

Light Storage

Looking for electromagnetic frequencies for data storage in light wave for billions of terabit storage linked to Dark Energy frequencies and environments for a non interference of storage capacity.

Trillions of possibility from Red to Violet so from Freq 4.3 to 7.3 = a Freq difference of 3 - Data storage in light rests on the Dark Energy frequency of electromagnetic force by using the known frequency of Dark Energy in the light wave to identify the outer Dark Energy of electromagnetic to hold the data in light frequency as a modulated signal containment of a Crystal Plate using Trillions of carrier wave frequencies - modulated for security

Crystal Plates - Leaf Technology

Plate Crystals for new screen to display light = improvements into all ready existing screen of Crystal Plates called VDU = looking into growing crystals for kiln and realignment of molecules under heat and cooling processes

 Solar Panel Yield Development. Light Speed Capture

To increase the power output for paneling using a new way of incorporating frequency and spectrum to build a power output to use the speed of light for energy production. Oscillation of Spectrum builds a divers frequency rang to generate power output. Why use White Light as its energy has expanded so we use the fuel of light to get to the speed of light. So Development will be small panels of varying colors of constant oscillation to capture the frequency of the colors and allowing the remainder to pass through for a rebound capture and reflection option for extended light transfer to energy.

Radiation Shielding for Shell Technology (material reminder )

A combination of materials and the use of the materials and the Structures of resistance to radiation to build a layer of protection. Electromagnetics in shell technology brings about a new product to the development table and the use of the material will be used in new types of structured manufacturing process of development. The example of the protection comes from the earth magnetic field and usefulness of the protection of a combination of shielding - so physical to magnetic and resistance for the combination of protection. physical layers built to create several functional layers to the material. For current transport directional flow under a carbon structure is an offset molecular structure of electric flow to allow bidirectional current flow in all chosen direction.

Shell Technology Development lies in the layers of three. Top Layer Smooth surface with metal infusion & radiational rapier.  Middle Layer Dense Lead crystal clay infusion & radiational rapier. Bottom layer extremely dense clay layer. The idea is to test if radiation penetration could be possibly stopped to prevent leaking radiation from the outer shell. The shell will be sealed and still hold the option for Vitamin D production in Internal Terraforming Light Technology.

The New Development of the technology should lead to a magnetisation of the hull and create a shield that would build a magnetic field and force a shell of light around the ship to fit the field so it could interact with space to obtain the motion of the space around the ship and generate a charge from the interaction of the light shell. A laser projected shell should produce the environment to create the interaction of motion over the laser shell to see if light friction could be possible for energy collection. Sola winds in the Sola System would provide a possible energy harvesting under interaction of light shell. A communication opportunity through the light shell would also be possible under direct of radio wave connection but the opportunity's are multi optional due to the light wave band sensor array in the light shell this could be used under frequency changes.

Crystal Plates to form internal sola minicher panel & minicher Power Core.

Plate Structure creation under Laser crystal memory manufacturing.

This creates a plate of molecular layers to build a multi layered plate similar to silicon lithography (Photolithography) to build a structure of circuitry in crystal. Layers 3 and primary coloured plate for monitor screen at the top. Powered by bio circuitry of heat touch and by light activation, using miniaturised power core, created by crystal realignment and solar panel reaction, realined crystal to form internal sola minicher panel.

Light Element - Activated Field - Leaf - LEP layer , AFP layer (P=Plate) See Crystal Plates - Solar Leaf

Transport through an artificial wormhole designed on a carbon structure of manipulated molecules in space to unify and create a structure of a temporary wormhole, using Laser Technology (Laser Wormhole Tube) to unify a filed of energy that manipulates space, the use of the hole could produces an effect similar to a supperhiway but the travers would create the necessary environment of fluid space to help move an object through a managed space portal. Magnetic Management would help in the manipulation of space and to the portal using all natural interactions to move an object to a direction. Natural Interactions include all arias of gravity affects like a ships graverty to affect and object like a sling shot.

Wormhole Creation Under Magnetic Laser Creation

Reorder space to unseen geometry for A to B Travel. using a computer and the correct wavelength you would be able to detect the structure and follow the unseen Portal for navigation and all environmental monitoring.

Drones to train safe movements through gaps and holes avoiding matter objects in space.