All Technologies put to together for a commercial Spacecraft for Mining and off world Containment units BSCU Hab

Russians & Muslim + Arab Cooperation have been invited to Develop the Technology for their own country's Development to help build a good divers startup for the commercial Spacecraft Industry. Process steps for development are a program of inventions and investment to seed the next step of development for there countys. It starts with renewable power that feeds the market and builds a profit to the next level - further development takes us to small products of sale like phone power of a new battery with out charging. The next stage is main power and small units this can be mixed with a power supply to balance the cost of electricity and gives an opportunity to sell the extra back to the grid for industry, stepped cost saving can be planned to save companies money and still produce a profit for the power companies as incentives to keep the grid balanced during power drains. The Second step is light technology for the county leading to global markets, this fuels the development of the county and bring the finances to the development of all other parts of the ship finally finishes with Shell Technology to case and confine the unit to full operational status. There are several steps to complete small parts of biosinogy life support or internal terraforming and all lead to global markets of sale.

General Characteristics
Predecessor K0M2

Wingspan 36.1ft (11.0m)
Length 42.2ft (12.9m)
Height 13.9ft (4.3m)
Empty Weight 31,681lbs (14,370kg)
Loaded Weight 44,539lbs (20,202kg)

Power/Weight Ratio 2.371Wing Loading 90.7lbs/ft2 (442.7kg/m2)Wing Area 491.2ft2 (45.6m2)Drag Points 10114

Quantumies the Mechanics of your Thinking

Muslim + Arab Cooperation

Development rights offered to the land of the Muslims under cooperation with all in the Nation of the Greatest Nation of Arab & Muslim

BSCU Hab Life Support is an off world Facility like an office bloke that is under ground to save on the environment and its impact over the environment. This is in fact better as it saves on materials and incorporates ground walling. The Ground Habs are full of light tech and holds full life support structures to oxygenate and clean the air. The Oxygenation tubes help fill the unit with a cleaned air and Scrubs the atmosphere. Computers in fibrotic processing manage the running of the units and power manages off world monitoring.

The Jewish Nation has no rights to develop any of the Light Technology due to their involvement with the Human Brain Project.

Supporting the Austrians and there nation Globally is against all Ecology and Humanity.


A nation that is prepared to Genocide has no right of any Development

Africa & India

Vladimir Putin

Arab Emirates